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Saturday, March 2, 2024 • 10:00am-12:00pm
Totowa Location: 711 Union Boulevard

For lower rates, higher purchasing power, we will work with you to improve your credit. Also, if you have people in your family who are just starting out, we will show them how to establish credit. Sign up for this workshop now!


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Credit determines if you can get loans and how low the interest rates are on those loans. If you want to buy a car, a home, use credit cards, your credit may need repair to help you get the best rates. If you or someone in your family needs to establish credit, this workshop will help them as well! 

This workshop is for you if:

You Need Credit Repair

If your credit has suffered from setbacks, you will have a difficult time securing loans and the loans that you do get will have a higher interest rate.

A Family Member is Establishing Credit

When you have teens or college-aged kids, they are ready to begin establishing credit. We will show them how to establish credit effectively and responsibly.

You Are Considering Debt Consolidation

With today’s high interest rates, it’s easy to throw away your money on interest. Debt consolidation may be the answer for you to save more money every month and over the life of the debt.

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Or call: 973-785-9200

Fixing Your Credit Will:

  1. Save you money on interest
  2. Lower your payments on high security deposits
  3. Help you secure lower insurance rates
  4. Stop you from paying cash for everything
  5. Increase your credit limit
  6. Relieve harassment from debt collectors
  7. Feel better about your credit score
  8. Buy a new house
  9. Rent an apartment
  10. Buy a new car at a lower interest rate
  11. Get a job
  12. Take financial pressure off of your family
  13. Stop relying on co-signers
  14. Protect your family’s credit score



Credit Workshop Sign Up Form

Workshop to repair credit or to establish new credit.


Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone with no credit history
  • Anyone with no credit activity for 5+ years
  • Parents of teenagers who want to help their child start building good credit

What You Will Learn:

  • Why credit is important
  • Tools to start building positive credit history
  • Healthy credit habits for using credit responsibly

We Are Here to Help You
With All of Your Financial Needs

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