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Overdraft Protection

Retain Balance 24/7. We’ve got you covered.

Overdraft Protection

Helps you prevent overdrafts while enabling you to make transactions and purchases with your debit card even when sufficient funds aren’t available in your account.

Overdraft Protection adds peace of mind to your account.

North Jersey Federal Credit Union overdraft services are another great way we help you bank better.

Use your Savings, or a Money Market Account as your first line of defense to ensure your transactions are covered. You are authorized to make up to six transfers each month to ensure you have funds to cover your debit card, ACH, checks and other Checking Account transactions. See our Consumer Fee Schedule.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is a safeguard to protect against unexpected mistakes that overdraw your checking account balance. It provides the security of knowing your transaction will be processed and saves you from incurring additional charges from merchants due to insufficient funds to cover a transaction. The member must cover the overdraft within a three day period. 

If you use Courtesy Pay, you will incur a non-refundable fee of $35.00 for the convenience of knowing your transaction is covered. See our Overdraft Services Consent form.

Courtesy Pay is automatically provided for checks, ACH and recurring transactions from your checking account, but you must opt in to add Courtesy Pay for your debit card and ATM transactions.

Other Overdraft Options Available

Overdraft Protection – If funds are available in your share account, NJFCU will automatically transfer the amount needed to cover the check. Transfers will not be made that would result in bringing your share account balance below the $50.00 minimum required balance. Regulations limit the number of transfers allowed per calendar month.

To enroll in any of our overdraft protection programs,

call us at 973-785-9200 or stop by any of our convenient branch locations and speak to one of our Member Service Representatives.

Overdraft protection is available, up to six (6) times per month at $3.00 each due to ACH, ATM or drafts. All transfers will be in exact amounts needed. After 6 transfers the item may be returned and a NSF fee of up to $35.00 may be assessed. For all savings, clubs, and money market account types, there is a $2.00 Reg D Acceptance Fee charged for each transfer or withdrawal made from a North Jersey FCU savings, clubs, and money market accounts beyond the six (6) allowed monthly by the Federal Reserve. Withdrawals or transfers made in person, by mail, by using an ATM, or telephone (if a check is payable to and mailed to the depositor for a withdrawal done via phone) do not count toward the six-per-month limit.

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