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Credit Cards

Regular Term
Share Certificates


As high as
4.25% APY*

New & Used
Auto Loans

As low as
5.85% & 6.10%APR**

Classic Credit Card

As low as
13.99% APR**

Personal Loans

As low as
11.99% APR**

* APY = Annual Percentage Yield

** APR = Annual Percentage Rate


NJFCU Credit Card

Summer Loan

Get the financial support you need for this summer with NJFCU’s Summer Loan! We know how crucial budgeting is, especially during the summer break. You can borrow up to $4,000 for a 12-month term with rates as low as 8.99% APR*. Start your loan application today! Apply Now!


NJFCU Home Equity Line of Credit


Special Offer

Now is the ideal moment to convert your home’s equity into cash with HELOC rates as low as 6.75% APR*. You can utilize the funds for a variety of purposes! Home improvement projects, Additional Home Units (ADUs), Education, And More! Apply now!

NJFCU Car Search

Car Search

See what others paid for the car you want and secure your guaranteed savings before even visiting a dealership. Get an exclusive Price Protection Certificate, featuring a summary of your car with the listed price and contact information to the dealership. Explore additional benefits like Sirius XM Radio, MyEZCarCare, and loan discounts.

Bill Pay

Never miss another payment. Allow your recurring bills to be paid on time with Bill Pay. You have the option to enable automatic payments, manage all payees, and view your payment history with a click of a button. Now available on your Online and Mobile Banking Dashboard!

Need Help with Your Credit Score? Credit-building Loans

Bad credit scores aren’t the end of the world. Our Credit-building loans help you jump start your score with easy, manageable loans that will help you re-establish trust with the Credit Card companies. A good credit score opens up your world with lower rates on credit cards, auto loans, home equity loans and more…

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North Jersey FCU Mastercard Credit Cards

Turn your Swiping, Into Savings!

Pay no annual fee and take advantage of our low rates and no over limit fees with select North Jersey FCU MasterCard credit cards.

NJFCU Mobile App

Download the NJFCU Mobile App!

Take Your Online Banking to go and access your accoutns at your own leisure. Access TAP, NJFCU Products and Services, and more right in the palm of your hand!

NJFCU Mortgage Rates

Incredible Mortgage Rates!

Take advantage and make that dream home a reality. The housing market is booming and it’s the right time to purchase a home. Reach out to us at NJFCU to start the ball rolling toward that new home you’ve always dreamed of.

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