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Keeping Yourself Protected When Shopping & Selling Online

Here are a few tips to keep yourself protected when shopping for and selling items online:

  1. Do your research and select a reputable online company. Reviews of eCommerce websites and businesses can be found online. You can also visit the Better Business Bureau, to find reviews of online marketplace sites.
  2. Use common sense when making a purchase. If you feel uneasy about the online transaction, do not complete it.
  3. Get as much information about the seller and the merchandise as possible when buying online. If a picture of the item that you want isn’t available, ask the seller to send one via email. Ask for the seller’s address and phone number in case you need to contact him/her at a later date. If they do not provide this information, then be wary that the seller may not be legitimate.
  4. Select a payment option that you feel comfortable with. Many eCommerce websites have payment protection programs, but it is important to know that beforehand.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the eCommerce site’s security, privacy and online buying and selling policies.