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NJFCU is here to help you buy your next home, or refinance your existing home…whether it’s your first home, or part of your homebuying journey. NJFCU offers some of the lowest rates in the industry!


Please follow the instructions below, to help you apply. 

  1. You must be a member to apply
  2. You may apply as an individual or with a co-borrower
  3. Only wet signatures are acceptable. Generic electronic/digital signatures are not allowed on applications.

We are always here to help! Contact an agent in the lending department to help you at any stage.

Please follow the instructions below to apply for an NJFCU Mortgage Loan.

To apply, you must first be a member. To apply for membership, click here:

To fill out the MORTGAGE LOAN APPLICATION, click the link Mortgage Loan Application button, below and fill out the application. All applications require a wet signature. Then you may: 

  1. Print, sign, scan and then email your complete application and documents to [email protected].
  2. Call (973) 785-9200 to make an appointment with a loan officer and submit your application in person.
  3. You may bring a signed copy of your application to your local branch and leave it with an NJFCU representative.

If you need to include additional information that did not fit in the application, please use this CONTINUATION FORM to provide that information.

If more than one person is applying for this loan, please fill out and print a ADDITIONAL BORROWER FORM for each individual on the loan application.

Contact us for help with your Mortgage Application.

973-785-9200 or

[email protected]


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