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Products and Services


Planning for your financial future means one thing above all – saving. NJFCU’s variety of savings and investment products makes saving for the future easy and profitable. Each of these deposit accounts pays a high yield for your hard-earned money. What’s more, members’ deposits are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (a division of the federal government) for a total of $250,000 ensuring you that your money will be there for you when you need it. We insure accounts up to $500,000; $250,000 through the NCUA and an additional $250,000 through private insurance ESI.

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Regular Share Savings Accounts

The Share Savings Account is the initial account you open when you become a member of NJFCU. This is an excellent account to use for establishing a regular pattern of saving.

You may become a member and open an account here, Click here

Holiday & Vacation Club Accounts

Saving for the holidays and vacation expenses is easy and convenient with an NJFCU Holiday or Vacation Club Account. These accounts are a great way to earn interest on your money for the holiday and vacation seasons.

 Click here to open an account today!

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)

The new and improved IRAs offer long-term investors many unique benefits. All three types – the Traditional, Roth and Coverdell Educational Savings Account – are available at NJFCU.

Term Share Certificates

For the highest yield possible, check out a NJFCU Term Share Certificate. Available with terms ranging from 30 days to 60 months, this secure investment allows you to earn top dividends without putting your deposit at risk.

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Money Market Accounts

Invest in a NJFCU Money Market Account and enjoy the winning combination of high yields and easy account access.


  • FREE Checking*
  • Preferred Checking
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deduction
  • ATM Access
  • TAP – Telephone Account Processing (Audio Response System)
  • Wire Transfers
  • Additional Products & Services
  • Over Draft Protection
  • NJFCU Switch Kit
  • North Jersey FCU Mobile App
  • Mobile Money
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FREE Checking*

An NJFCU Checking Account offers many money-saving benefits not available from other financial institutions. It is the checking account you will want to use to manage your family’s finances on a daily basis.

  • No application fee
  • No limit to number of checks written per month
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • No per check fees
  • ATM access (Co-Op Network)
  • Duplicate checks
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Direct Deposit

All or a portion of your net pay, net Social Security check or net pension check can be automatically deposited into your NJFCU account(s). With this free service, you’ll never have to worry about a lost or stolen check again – or have to wait in line on payday. What’s more, Direct Deposit lets you access your money immediately, not “the next business day”. To set up Direct Deposit to your NJFCU accounts, you will need our Routing number it is ABA 2212-7502-5.

TAP – Telephone Account Processing
(Audio Response System)

TAP – Telephone Account Processing Audio Response System allows you to access your NJFCU accounts around the clock, seven days a week, from any touch-tone phone in the world. To transfer funds between allowable accounts, request withdrawals, verify account balances, check loan status, and more, call TAP at 973-785-4161 or 800-788-4474 from outside the local calling area. Members can use the TAP System up to ten times for free per month, then each call will cost .50 cents.

Payroll Deduction

With Payroll Deduction, you can have a portion of your net pay transferred directly to your NJFCU account(s) every pay period. This free service is a convenient way to establish a regular savings pattern and make payments on your NJFCU loans automatically.

ATM Access

Access your NJFCU accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week from thousands of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) nationwide. You can withdraw cash, make deposits, verify account balances, transfer funds between accounts and more!

Wire Transfers

NJFCU offers you the convenience of receiving money from anywhere in the world with our wire transfer service. You will need the following information to receive funds to your account ABA # 2212-7502-5, NJFCU, Totowa, NJ, your name and account number.

Debit Cards

An NJFCU Debit Card lets you pay for purchases anywhere VISA® is accepted. The purchase amount is deducted automatically from available funds in your Checking Account. You can also use the card to access your NJFCU accounts at most ATM’s.

Additional Services

In our efforts to be a one-stop financial center where our members can satisfy all of their financial needs, NJFCU also offers the following products and services. Call or stop by NJFCU for more information on any of these services.

  • Money Orders
  • Safe Deposit Boxes
  • Free Notary Public Services
  • U.S. Savings Bonds
  • Quarterly Member Newsletter

Lost or Stolen Credit/Debit Card

If your credit card is lost or stolen, call us as soon as possible at 973-785-9200 and use option 6, which will direct you to VISA to initiate the cancellation process. After your lost or stolen card has been canceled, come down to the Totowa, Paterson or Newark University Hospital Rutgers branch to register and receive your new card onsite. If you find difficulty using the phone number above, you can contact VISA directly at 800-262-2024.

Over Draft Protection (Ready Cash)

With this convenient loan product, you’ll never have to worry about bouncing a check again. You’ll avoid the embarrassment and expense of non-sufficient funds charges because the amount you overdraw will automatically be advanced to your NJFCU accounts as a loan in the exact amount of the negative balance.

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NJFCU Switch

NJFCU now does the work for you! From phone calls to all the tedious paperwork involved in switching accounts can now be done for you with our NJFCU Switch Kit.™ The NJFCU Switch Kit™ provides you with the entire step-by-step process with all the necessary forms and numbers necessary to switch your accounts to NJFCU.

NJFCU Switch Kit™ EnglishSpanish

North Jersey FCU Mobile App

Download to your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, Kindle or tablet for quick and easy access to all your NJFCU accounts.  You can accomplish the following with the NJFCU App:

  • Check account balances
  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Use Popmoney
  • View statements
  • Locate branches and ATMs

You must be signed up for Online Banking prior to using the mobile app.

Click here to visit the North Jersey FCU Mobile App page!

Mobile Money: Banking on the Go

Mobile Money is a cell phone banking application that allows you to monitor your accounts, receive alerts, and even transfer funds from wherever you happen to be. We have two different versions of the application available: One for those who have internet access from their phone, and one for those who don’t.

If you don’t have internet access, you can send a text message to:


  • View Account Balances or
  • View Transaction History
  • You’ll have 15 SMS text transactions per month for free. Any additional transactions will run $0.05 each.
If you do have internet access, you can log on to:
  • View Account Balances
  • View Transaction History
  • Transfer Funds Between Accounts or Pay Your Bills

There’s no limit to how many transactions you can make utilizing your mobile phone browser…with no charge from us. Mobile Money uses multiple layers of authentication to keep your information completely secure and protected. Mobile Money is available to all of our members who’ve signed up for eStatements and Online Banking, free of charge.

Sign up by following these step-by-step instructions:
  1. Log on to Online Banking. Click here.
  2. Click on the Account Services menu selection on the top right hand side of the page.
  3. Click on Requests, the last selection on the left hand side of the page column.
  4. Click on Mobile Banking enrollment
  5. You can choose to download the North Jersey FCU Mobile App for smart phones and/or tablets, or register for Mobile Money, which includes Text Banking, Mobile Browser and Alert Banking.